The Way to Make Taper Candles for Christmas

By Kelly Ewing

Tapers candles are an easy present idea for Christmas. Whether you create the taper candles tall or short, the process is simple: You let cool dip both ends of a wick into wax, and repeat about 20 to 30 times. You do not do anything to make the look.

Wax is flammable, when doing this job so use all steps.

Follow the following steps to create your taper candles: If you are interested in buying christmas decorations with cardboard, go to white laser christmas lights.


Work out how tall you need each taper, in order for your wick protrudes add a few extra inches, add 4 inches for distance, and then double that amount.

** Whenever you make tapers, you typically dip in pairs, but you use just 1 wick. If you would like to produce a taper that is 6inch, by way of example you just take 6 inches and 2 inches for 8 inches. You multiply that amount by 2 to get 16 inches (sufficient simmer for two candles) and then add 4 inches to the total in order to have space in between the candle. (You don’t need the endings of your wick to touch each other once you dip.) To create two tapers, you want to decrease on your wick.


Tie a weight as you dip so that it remains straight and submerged.

** Rocks work just fine as weights. When the wick is powerful enough to remain 14, you eliminate these weights.


Fill the bottom part of a double boiler and bring it. Melt your wax into the specified temperature of the package.

When candles are dipped by you, you use a combination of paraffin and beeswax or paraffin wax. In any event, you have to add the percent stearin. Melt the wax. You have to have plenty left over that you have enough wax to dip in.

Dipping works best when your wax is roughly 160 F to 170 F.


Fill your can with wax.

** Make certain your dipping can is tall enough to accommodate the size of the candle that you want to make. So that you can dip all of the way up the wick, fill the can. You must keep adding wax to keep it full.


Dip your wick .

Dip the wick let it cool, until you get to your desired diameter , and redip.

Dip your wick enough so that you have only a few inches of wick. Do not linger too long on this dip. You need your wick in the wax for a second. Plunge it in and eliminate it that the wax does not blob.

Your wax is not warm enough, if your conscience seems bumpy. Your wax is hot, if your wax is not building up in your wick. You will need to let it cool in between drops, if the wax is not firming between drops.


Till they cool put your wicks over a dowel or rack rod.

** The heating process takes about 3 minutes. The wax should feel cool to your touch.


Repeat Steps 6 and 5 until your candle is.

** You might need to dip your candles 20 or 30 times or even more. Each time you dip wax builds up in your wick. Your wick becomes two tapers.


Let your tapers trendy a couple of hours before trimming your wick and tackling them.

Generally speaking, taper candles are 7/8 inch in diameter in the base so that they can fit into many candleholders. If you are not using a mould, you have to decrease at the base of the candle down to that size.

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